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Prairie Fibre Inc.

Building Insulation Beyond Comparison

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Your Provider of

High-Quality Insulation

Prairie Fibre Inc. manufactures high-quality loose-fill cellulose insulation for new and existing residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings. Made from 85% recycled newsprint and fire retardants, you can be assured that our product is environment-friendly. We proudly serve:

  • Commercial Building Contractors
  • Insulation Contractors

Prairie Fibre PF Premium Installation Guide

  • Home Builders

More About Our Product

Prairie Fibre PF Premium Loose Fill Cellulose Insulation is a high quality, high yield, professional grade loose fill insulation. It has been designed for superior R value, high coverage and low dust during application.

Specially formulated for use in all attics, cathedral ceilings, retro sidewalls and floors. Made from a minimum of 85% recycled material and high quality fire retardants. PF Premium Loose Fill Cellulose Insulation offers superb acoustical performance, high R-value, is environmentally friendly and repels pests and vermin.

Naturally, better insulation. This produce meets the amended CAN/ULC S703-09 standard for flame resistance and corrosiveness of cellulose insulation. Try it today!

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